What We Do

We can create any design imaginable from boats and planes, tractors and trains, bridges and theatres, our products are designed to focus on helping children develop their imagination and encourage meaningful social interaction and playful learning.

We recognise that through pretending, children learn to navigate with ease between real and imaginary worlds while learning the differences between them. We have developed our creative play systems to encourage children to use their imaginations and help promote original thinking, flexibility, adaptability, empathy and the ability to generate multiple solutions to a problem.

It is only through creating play environments which are non-prescriptive that we allow children to unleash the potential of their imaginations.

Our playground equipment evolves through focusing on our client’s specific needs and our best playground equipment proposals are designed through engaging and involving children in the entire process. After all, it is “their” space that we will create. Sara is an experienced corporate facilitator as well as a qualified teacher and is happy to run facilitation sessions with Schools and Community groups.

We offer a free consultation service to fully explore your needs and budgets, this way we ensure that we deliver a service that meets your expectations in every area.